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WeWe Futures:投你的未來


2023-07-01 - 2023-10-22


製菸工廠西向一樓 台灣設計館 01與02展間 A7-W107與W103

究竟2040年的我們會擁有什麼樣的未來? 邀請您透過展覽來一起探索、反思未來世界中,科技與人類文化的多元樣貌,並一同發現未來的各種可能性!

WeWe Futures:Tap to your future 是一個以2040年為背景的未來主題展覽,將於今年舉辦的點子松主題展覽中展出。這個展覽旨在邀請觀眾一同思考、探索並反思未來世界中科技與人類文化的多樣性,並一同發現未來的無限可能性。


透過互動展品、視覺效果及創新科技,WeWe Futures將帶領觀眾踏上一場奇幻般的旅程。展覽中,您將會透過多元的互動展示、全息投影技術與混合實境體驗,深入了解未來可能帶來的變革和影響。






WeWe Futures:Tap to your future 是一個跨越科技、文化和創新的展覽,為觀眾提供了一個思考未來和構想未來的平台。不論您是科技愛好者、藝術家還是對未來發展充滿好奇心的人,都將在這個展覽中找到屬於自己的啟發和樂趣。





展覽名稱|WeWe Futures:投你的未來




展覽地點|松山文創園區-製菸工廠西向一樓 台灣設計館 01與02展間 A7-W107與W103




策展人        |  顧廣毅

協同策展人 |  詹宏祿



What kind of future will we have in 2040? We invite you to explore and reflect on the diverse aspects of technology and human culture in the future world through our exhibition, and together discover the various possibilities of the future!


WeWe Futures: Tap to your future is a future-themed exhibition set in the year 2040, which will be showcased at this year's Ideathon Theme Exhibition. This exhibition aims to invite visitors to collectively contemplate, explore, and reflect on the diversity of technology and human culture in the future world, while discovering the infinite possibilities that lie ahead.


Through interactive exhibits, visual effects, and innovative technologies, WeWe Futures will lead the audience on a fantastical journey. Within the exhibition, you will have the opportunity to delve deep into the transformations and impacts that the future may bring through diverse interactive displays, holographic projection technologies, and mixed reality experiences.


The exhibition will explore various themes, including artificial intelligence, biotechnology, sustainable development, smart cities, and digital art. Through introductions and exemplary showcases within these themes, visitors will gain an understanding of how various innovative technologies are reshaping our lifestyles, economic structures, and social interactions.


A series of lectures and workshops will also be held during the exhibition, inviting industry experts and scholars to share their insights and research findings on the future. This will provide an opportunity for the audience to interact with professionals, stimulating imagination and fostering innovative thinking about the future.


WeWe Futures: Tap to your future is an exhibition that spans across technology, culture, and innovation, providing a platform for visitors to contemplate and envision the future. Whether you are a technology enthusiast, an artist, or simply someone curious about future developments, you will find inspiration and enjoyment in this exhibition.


We sincerely invite you to join us in immersing yourself in the fantastical journey of exploring the future, discovering unknown possibilities, and creating more creative imaginations for your own future!


Exhibition Details:

Exhibition Name: WeWe Futures: Tap to your future

Exhibition Period: July 1, 2023 - October 22, 2023 (Closed on Mondays)

Opening Hours: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm


Venue|Exhibition Halls 01 and 02


Organizer|Ministry of Digital Affairs

Executive Unit|Taiwan Design & Research Institute

Curator | Kuang-Yi Ku

Assistant curator | Hung-Lu Chan