Yue Yue Bookstore

Yue Yue Bookstore - a birthplace of ideas.

Its architectural style belongs to the genre of Japanese Early Modernism, with emphasis placed on horizontal lines, simple classic shapes, and refined workmanship. The buildings were considered to be an exceptional model for industrial plants in that era.

Yue Yue Bookstore was the old kindergarten of the Songshan Park. In 2014, the drama "Lovestore at the Corner" (巷弄裡的那家書店) sets Yue Yue bookstore as the main scene of the story. Now, the whole scenario was reserved for a real bookstore as named Yue Yue Bookstore also.

Yue Yue Bookstore is a bookstore, cafe, and performance space all rolled into one great place.
Find the books, especially on literature, film, photography, and arts.
Try some coffee/drink, along with our sandwich and desserts.
Come enjoy the relaxing atmosphere!


Opening Times:09:00AM~21:00PM