Dear Glass,

Dear Glass,

You can still see the solidified ripple and deliberate words engraved on this delicate paper.
Contrasting the transparent paper, the dark ink traces out the words that I want to say to you..

It’s full moon today.


zhēnzhēn Stained glass lab every year we plan to have crossovers with different artists. Our brand’s concept is to become a platform where we thrive to search for the unknown area of creation. Together we move closer to light

This year`s crossover event we invited a glass-blowing artist Ying Chiun Lee to work with us. This exhibition is a letter to “Glass.” A letter that expresses writer’s love and admiration toward “her” by incorporating the technique of stein glass (cold work) and glass blowing (hot work). From the making of the paper to the finishing of the writing, the writer intends to present the work by putting the poetic emotions into this material.

These 15 light fixtures demonstrate the harmonious incorporation of cold and hot work of glass.
Experience and savor the tranquility of light and shadow through writer’s eyes. A love letter to Glass.

This exhibition demonstrates the evolution of a single glass bubble transforming into a mouth-blown sheet glass through 15 light fixtures, step-by-step. The making process of mouth-blown sheet glass originally starts with glass blowing. Firstly a bubble is shaped into a cylinder. After the cylinder is removed from the pipe, a glass cutter slices it vertically then horizontally. The cylinder is put into the furnace for flattening. The glass softens and opens up with heat. A mouth-blown sheet glass is made.

zhēnzhēn Stained glass lab


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