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The well-known toy manufacturer Kitan Club has entered the 13th year. The toy super starFuchico is also 7 years old! How does Kitan Club figure out and create these interestingcapsule toys? How enchanting are the Gashapon toys to make people absolutelyget the one that they desire? People would rather scrimp and save. Noting can stop them buying one more. In this summer, it’s the first-time exhibition of Fuchico and Kitan Club’s capsule toys in Taipei. Welcome to Songshan Cultural and Creative Park and pull a cranky prank together from 2nd July.
In full view ofKitan Club’s selects
It’s the first-timeKitan Club’s oversea exhibition.At the entrance, Fuchico on the cup shows hospitality and is also the hotly anticipated photo spot. In addition, this exhibitionfeatures the classic gashapon toys in set. Furthermore, it as well as offers the creative concepts and original manuscripts, which must be an eye-opening experience.
Cats in force
Do you want to wear a headgear and take photos with Neko no Kaburimono? Do you want to hide in atissue paper boxand sneak around withHacottishfold? As a cat lover, you mustgrab the chancetophotograph the sueprhealing cat-themed gashapon toys. Besides,you also can see that a gang ofTakumashineko shows the domineering attitude and the noble Neko-Pharaohlies prone in front of a pyramid. If you want to take a rest, just sit on a bench with SuwaruNeko and space out together. You can’t miss the wonderful opportunity to interact with gashaponcats!
Here is full of positive energy
The popular Koupen Chan is created by the Japanese illustrator Rurutea, who records this baby emperor penguin’s daily life on Twitter. Koupen Chanalways says, “Can I wake up on my own? Good job!” and “Today I arrived at the company on time.It was so great!” to encourage itself. It always puts thumbs up and heals the fans a lot. That’s the reasons why it is so popular! Come on to feel the positive energy from Koupen Chan.
The angel on the cup-Fuchico
Kitan Club and the manga artistKatsuki Tanakacollaborated and released the sensationalcapsule toy, Fuchico. This time, she will take more gorgeously and interesting poses to lighten up the cups. Do you still remember that you rode the teacup with your parents or childhood friends in the amusement park when you were little? Now, it’s your turn to bring your parents or besties to the Gashapon Exhibition and ride the Fuchicoteacup together like a child. You will be attracted to the charm of gashapon.

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