Liuli Gongfang Songshan Gallery

LIULI, adopted from the phonetic Chinese spelling of the ancient Chinese term for glass art, is more than a material; more than a creative medium. LIULI is the embodiment of spirit and life.

In 2011 Chang and Yang united the extensive history of the former Songshan Tobacco Plant with Liuligongfang’s thirty years history of craft, design, film, media, fashion and dining and called it: LIULIGONGFANG‧SONGYAN.

Four years later they have launched the latest iteration: Mini Museum + LIULI Showroom + LIULI CAFÉ . Nestled among the lush greenery of Songshan Cultural Park, LIULIGONGFANG‧SONGYAN hopes for passersby to take a moment to ponder the significance and elements of culture within their lives.

LIULIGONGFANG‧SONGYAN is a three in one open concept without limitation, without definition. Open your ears to the voice of LIULI.

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Telephone No.: +886-2766-5608