Norio Nakamura Taipei Exhibition

Japanese graphic designer Norio Nakamura, the art director and key visual creator of Measuring: This much, That much, How much ? exhibition, has engaged in a wide spectrum of creative activity for the past twenty years. Spanning from advertisement, children's books, packaging design to video game and art exhibitions, his playful works of design stand out for minimalist aesthetic and iconic flat surfacesusing macaron color palettes. He dissects and refines the dullness of daily routine and extracting a sense of humor out of it with a sprinkle of fantasy. By  dramatically zooming in and out the framing of his works, Norio Nakamura invitesthe viewers to see his oeuvre from unfamiliar angles. Peacefully or abstractly composed, one can easily take the hint with excitement. Norio Nakamura magically turns everyday occurrences into inspiring arts that make people grin.
Fascinated with puzzle games, Norio Nakamura reinterprets the Universe series with new arrangementsfor this exhibition. He thinks that all elements across the universe have a slight connection to one another. Hence, he usesthe recurrent elements in his works such as frog, apple, and water drop to make nineteen artworks connected in the most unexpected ways. The key visual concept, cut-in-half apple and twin girls, is seamlessly intertwined with each other, welcoming the viewers'to Norio Nakamura's wonderland.
To present his overseas debut exhibition to Taiwan, Norio Nakamura spends nearly one year preparing for it. It is by far the biggest and the most complete solo exhibition for him. More than a hundred of artworks will be displayed: from ochoko (Japanese small sake cup), postcards, shopping bags, to 3-meter wide graphic images and Pixel Zoo installation, visitors get to experience Norio Nakamura's universe in different formats.


Warehouse No.2

NT $300