Special Features

●Baroque Garden
The garden and fountain in the courtyard were renovated during the beginning of the restoration period. The architectural design was inspired by the baroque style, and the fountain is adorned with sculptures of voluptuous feminine forms. It is said that the sculptures are based on the female workers of the plant at the time. Around the central foundation are four other triangular shaped fountains, which were intended as beautiful landscape elements and also used to store water. The design was quite unique at that time. Today, the garden is ideal for night banquets or fashion parties.

The tobacco Factory implemented a large lotus pond for fire safety, ventilation and moisture purposes. Today, it has been transformed into an eco-pond with various protected flora and fauna by the pond. It is a great place for children to listen to frogs and insects, and experience the beautiful ecology.

●Bath House
To offer added convenience to the hardworking staff, separate man and woman bathhouses were made available to the plant employees.

●The Multi-Showcase Exhibition Hall
The hall was a place where employees congregated and met for morning assemblies. A portrait of the Japanese emperor was placed on the wall as a spiritual symbol. The basketball court was where teams of the Super Basketball League, such as the Taiwan Beer team, practiced. Today, it has been converted into a multi-showcase exhibition hall, and the spacious venue could also be used for diverse cross-disciplinary presentations.