Historical Architectures

The Inspection Room Employees and executives were required to go through the inspection room prior to work and after work. Similar to today’s security check points, it was stationed with security guards. Today, the space is ideal for the arrangement of small-scale performances and exhibitions.

●The machine Repair Plant
The tobacco Factory had 30 filterless cigarette production machines, which produced 2 billion cigarettes annually. The machine Repair Plant handled the maintenance of those machines. Today, it is where Liuli Gongfang and the restaurant, TMSK Xiao Shan Tang, are located.

●The Nursery Room
Back in the days, the plant had 1200 employees, and in order to achieve the concept of an industrial village for the large-scale plant project, the site was well equipped with restaurants, rest rooms, dormitories, hospital, dining hall, meal preparation hall, entertainment lounge, and nursing room. The nursing room offered a space for the employees’ children to rest and play, similar to today’s daycare center.