”One of a Kind: Lino Tagliapietra” A Venetian Glass Maestro in Asia

One of a Kind
A six year old boy
peers into the window of a glass studio and is determined to become a glassblower.
He spends the rest of his life fulfilling the vow he made to himself.

One of a Kind
What obstacles stand in the way of a 10 year old and his dream?
Disapproving parents, school and a strict master.
For two years he carried water and swept floors, day in and day out.
From a young age, his determination was tempered in front of a 1,400°C fire.

One of a Kind
He earned the rank of Maestro at 23.
From the 50s to 80s, he oversaw the studios of
Galliano Ferro, Venini and Effetre International
as Artistic and Technical Director.
Would the 6 year old him think he would be leading the charge of Venetian glass one day?

One of a Kind
45 years old, recipient of countless accolades and a key component in Venetian glass.
Undeterred by national criticism, he bears the weight and ramifications of a protected legacy.
When the craft was suffering, he was willing to venture into new territories,
setting down new roots
dictated by faith.

One of a Kind
At 55, whether in the US or Venice,
he is a sophisticated master
and spiritual leader for other artists.
In a time where the label artist is floated around casually,
he respects its weight - both in relation to others and to himself.
No longer bound by commercial obligations
he is now an independent artist because
art is a matter of gravity,
it has nothing to do with business and everything to do with life.

One of a Kind
At 77, a retrospective of the artist’s art and career in its entirety
is held in a 16th century Venetian Gothic building;
it is the first exhibition of its kind in the artist’s native Venice.
The exhibition starts off with his early years teaching in the US
and takes the audience across the 32 years following;
the curator herself comes from a glassblowing family that can be traced back to the Medieval Ages.

One of a Kind
An 83 year old artist with a 73 year history in glass.
Day after day, accumulating, progressing,
working until he can no longer work.

The past 1,000 years, the next 1,000 years
within our grasp, in history, within the universe.
May the fires burning in our kilns never diminish,
may the glass spinning through our hands never stop turning.